Colourful Hearts is an early learning centre, providing top quality enrichment programs for the young . We specialize in nurturing children aged 1 through 8, including children with special needs.

What are our qualifications?

♥ Our teachers boast a total experience of more than 12 years garnered in top international enrichment centres and an educational background spanning speech and drama, special needs and pre-schooling.

What makes Colourful Hearts SPECIAL?

♥ We give your child an edge in kindergarten, school and beyond all our programs especially designed to address the five essential dimensions of early learning and development.

♥ $$$ Such classes need not cost a bomb $$$! By keeping overheads low, we deliver quality where it matters – teaching tools, a conducive environment, and teachers of the highest quality.

♥ Maximum class size of 6! Your child is uniquely singular and one-of-a-kind, and thus learning must be customized to maximize potential. There is no better way to do this than to keep classes small!

♥ Children love our classes because they are learning through play! There is a natural progression in our classes in a pressure-free and safe environment where the kids are free to explore and discover.

♥ Individualized progress reports – get a detailed report at the end of the program mapping progress, areas for improvement, and strengths of your little one.

When and Where are our classes?

♥ Our TPY centre operates from Friday through Sunday each week from 9am to 5.30pm. and is dedicated primarily to speech & drama classes, with small doses of Creative Writing, Accompanied Sessions and Privates (one-on-one). Do enquire with us!

Why Speech and Drama?

♥ Per the US College Board, training in speech and drama of results in superior scores in both math and language

♥ Per the US National Education Goals Panel, such stimulus also brings the best returns when the child is between the ages of 1 to 8

♥ Stimulates the skills and techniques needed for effective communication, develops the young one as an individual and leads to healthy “sense of self”

About our Program

♥ 10-week program, designed with a natural progression to carry the little one from week to week and thence on to subsequent levels, e.g. 1-2 (Toodles), 3-4 (Noddles) or 5-6 (Koodles).

♥ Theme driven and so engaging that the children will be craving for more! Get ready for an hour of fun where the children will crawl through the jungle or swim across the sea and meet various characters that will come alive!

Program Benefits

♥ Increased self-esteem & confidence
♥ Ability to move creative ideas to reality
♥ Improved command of the English Language
♥ Confidence to share and present ideas
♥ Enhanced desire to read
♥ Improved speech & pronunciation
♥Enhanced ability to interact with peers
♥Increased thirst for learning
♥Improved vocabulary
♥Enhanced tone and vocal control
♥Heightened gross motor control


“Melissa had done a good job in bringing out the best in my son. She knew how to make learning enjoyable and showered Iain with a lot of love just like what a parent would do. By end 2007, Iain had flourished not just academically but socially as well. Her attention to detail and diligence in her preparation as well as her conduct has shown her to be an exceptional teacher.”

“She is a young and vibrant teacher who is full of energy and always ready to listen to me whenever I had any concerns and queries. Melissa, keep up the good work!”

~ Gwendoline Lai ~

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