Rebel Boot Camp, is an outdoor fitness programmeincorporating aspects of military training, sports conditioning, speed,agility, strength, balanced with a fair amount of fun, mud and friendship.

Rebel Boot Camp is intense, challenging, and fun. In justfour weeks, you will notice increased energy levels, physical strength,endurance, stamina and decrease in your body fat.

Sessions are constantly changing; boredom is just not anissue.

Get Ready for Kick Ass Training Sessions!

Rebel BootCamp is run on a 12 session monthly basis, withthe September Edition starting on Mon 5th March. We structure our bootcamp likethis as it gives our Rebels the best opportunity to see a real improvement intheir health and fitness in a fairly short but realistic timeframe.

At the start of each month there is a general fitnessassessment to see where about you fit in the group, each session then works thewhole group together, but with different effort levels (Alpha, Charlie andBravo) depending on your assessment.
This means that every session caters for all fitness levelsand no matter what your current fitness level you will be able to attend anysession at any time.

o Monday &Wednesday @ 19.30-21.00 & Saturday @ 07.30-09.00 at Tanjong Rhu Field
o Monday, Wednesday& Friday @ 06.00-07.30 at Kallang Practice Track
o Monday, Wednesday& Friday @ 18.30-20.00 at The Lawn by Marina Bay
o Tuesday &Thursday's @ 18.30-20.00 at The Lawn by Marina Bay

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and our Facebook (rebelbootcampsingapore) for moreinformation and up coming events