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TheSgGolfCoach is the ultimate golfing complex for learning and developing your golf game, whilst having a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our Mission is to reignite golf participation levels in Singapore, by promoting the game in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

Our Vision is to become Singapore most popular golf academy, with services delivered by highly trained and experienced Coaches.

We aim to deliver great learning experiences which in turn encourages our customers to forge a lifelong love affair with the game of golf through confident and enjoyable golf.

Our Golf Programmes
Golf programmes caters to Junior of 3 years old to adults in Singapore. SgGolfCoach develop a unique programme to ensure Progression is made at the right pace with coaches carefully monitoring to ensure a smooth learning curve.

Learning Through Play
Play is paramount to a young child and is part and parcel of their learning process. Children, while playing, are unaware of the skills they are developinging. All of our classes are fun-filled while our coaches ensure that every child learns the fundamental skills of Golf.

Programms Duration Group 2- 6 Pax

Indoor Group 12x 1 hour Indoor AGE 3 to 5 $480
Outdoor Group 1 12 X 1 Hour Range Lesson $480
Outdoor Group 2 18 X 1.5 hours Range 6 X1.5 Hours Course Lesson $1500
Programms Duration Individual Group of 2 Group of 3 Group of 4

Tee To Green 8 X 1 Hour Range Lesson 1 X 2 Hours Course Lesson $850 $620 $530 $480
Refresher One 4 X 1 Hour Range Lesson $400 $300 $280 $250
Refresher Two 8 X 1 Hour Range Lesson $720 $520 $480 $440
Intermediate 6 X 1 Hour Range Lesson 1 X 2 Hours Course Lesson $680 $510 $440 $250
On Course Lesson 1 X 3 Hours Course Lesson $250 $200 $180 $160

Golf Camp

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