Fun & Actions at your doorstep!

Sports camp for kids aged 4-10years old in your condo / a venue of your choice!

Tennis & Soccer camp in the month of June! You need to break that Ipad, that Television, that Laptop and your child up!

No plans for this coming June Holiday? Fret not! Enrol your precious boy/girl to our sports camp and they will come back telling you they had the best holiday!

What will your child bring home (BENEFITS):

-Developing better coordination and movements (running, jumping, kicking, throwing, etc) during this camp in accordance to their current capabilities

-Sports Skills: learning fundamental sports skills progressively in a safe & non-competitive environment

-Exploratory experience with Tennis (arms) & Soccer (Legs)

-Social Skills: kids get protected time to run out, flex their bodies and socialize with other children in a physical setting, thereby increasing confidence & self-esteem.

Contact me @ or 86192905 for more information!