We have many experienced part time and full time tutor for every level from primary school to Junior College. For your interest, we also provide Music and Swimming lessons. Various types of sport lessons available for you!
There are various benefits in getting a tutor from us:

  • Tutorís certificates are verified by our company
  • Managed by experience Tuition Company who has been in this line for the past 14 years. You will get official receipt.
  • Get a 20% discount for EPB assessment Books.
  • Accumulate points for every dollar you spent and redeem it with a shopping voucher.
  • Get a free E-learning/Assessment. Usual Price is $50/monthly
  • We have many tutors, thus we can quickly find a replacement for you if you are not comfortable with the tutor.
  • Many other services

Do contact me at 81217745 (Jody) for more information.