Hi all,

I'm an Art Teacher, graduated from NAFA & NIE. currently teaching the Secondary School students, coaching graduating lot (O & N Level students).

I provide Art teaching/education to ANYONE from 4 - 100, as long as they have the desire to learn.
I received trainings for educating toddlers, psychology and pedagogy for them.
I have taught lawyers aged between 25-30 too.
If you, as a parent, are interested too, you may contact me.

I also do paintings, corporate designs (Logos, letter heads, calendars, etc),
printing (tshirts, banners, etc)

Here are some of my drawings, please take a look at it here

To some people, Art is still only a subject that needs to produce “aesthetics”, which is true to a certain extent. Now in this society, Art is a subject and also a form of therapy that really does help one to see and think differently, which is very needed to fuel our creativity. The Art syllabus we used to go through is very different from what we have now in schools. If you have seen my blog, I can do well in technical skills, draw realistically. I’m also good in helping students 'see' what they cannot 'see', building strong foundations, which is what they need to score.

But of course, being able to draw very well alone cannot score as high, because conceptualizing is as important too. Having worked with different organizations and schools has allowed me to see what the world needs today. I have a wide social circle of teachers as friends, which means a lot of useful materials and advises.

Do PM me for details if interested.