Dear Parents,

My name is Mervin and I am the Programme Executive of a Children’s Enrichment Programme from a Voluntary Welfare Organisation, called aLIfe. I am writing in to you to introduce our Children’s Enrichment Programme called, The Caterpillar Club.

Let me enlighten you on our organization. aLife is a secular, non-profit voluntary welfare organisation that was founded in 2002. We are committed to nurturing and promoting healthy family life, by educating and supporting families through counselling and public education.

The Caterpillar Club aims to:
· Strengthen the children's character, identity and resilience;
· Enhance the their self-esteem and help them develop desirable social habits;
· Equip them with necessary life skills which will benefit them in their daily lives and adulthood; and
· Improve their English language skills.

The sign-up fee for the Caterpillar Club is $40 for 6 months. However, we do offer a fee waiver to children whose families’ monthly household income is below $2000 or per capita income is below $600. We also provide bursaries awards and transportation allowance to children who require travelling to Shunfu from their homes.

You can contact me at 6258 8816 or email: for more information; or you can visit our website: Welcome to aLife and facebook:

Thank you