Bring the Zoology owls into your babies’ bedroom with this adorable initial monogram name. This wall art is amazingly detailed and goes on paper-thin to look like it was hand painted! Monogram names are perfect for your child’s nursery or toddler room, and the owls bring a playful watchman to look after your little one.

One of the best things about the products from Wall Inspired is every product is customizable for the space and coloring of your current nursery. You can switch from primary colors to pastel or from a large monogram to slightly smaller.

The owls are a great accent to bring into other rooms in your house as well, such as a play area or pre-school table. You can apply this decal to a bookshelf, toy box or tabletop to add a little extra fun to your child’s furniture. All decals are completely removable without any lasting residue.

If you’re a first time vinyl user, there is no need to worry. Wall Inspired provides full instructions and offers a satisfaction guarantee.