This Oil Painting for sale which is the left part of an original unique composition (see 169-1885 for the right part) was commissioned by the Archduke Albert and Archduchess Isabella to celebrate the Ommeganck in Brussels in 1615. Famous Paintings This was an important procession that honoured the most prestigious Guild in Brussels: the Crossbowmen guild. Left half of the depiction of the senior guilds procession in Brussels, displaying the guilds' banners; Children Paintings in the background are the typical narrow and high houses of Brussels with figures at the balconies.
Denys van Alsloot (before 1593-1626) was born in Brussels where he remained all his life. Flower Paintings In 1599-1600, he entered the service of the Archduke Albert and Archduchess Isabella who entrusted him with many important commissions. Boats Paintings He belonged to the school of Brussels landscape artists like Jacques d'Arthois (1613-1686), Lucas Achtschellinck (1626-1699) and Lodewyk Vadder (1605-1655).