One Piece episode 557 Sengoku shouts at Jinbe, asking if this was the Shichibukai's choice. Jinbe bellows back, saying that he was fine with this choice and he resigned as a Shichibukai. Garp comments about the group, saying that it was the most "screwed up" group and refused to accept that they all had one common objective. As if on cue, Iva notices Crocodile is gone. The former Shichibukai had appeared at Whitebeard, his hook at the Yonko's neck. Buggy gets angry that Crocodile tried to "steal his glory" while the Whitebeard Pirates begin to react.

Out of nowhere, Luffy, in Gear 2, kicks Crocodile across the face as his leg was coated in water which is the weakness of Suna Suna no Mi. Crocodile asks about their arrangement but Luffy refuses, saying that if the giant old man was indeed Whitebeard, no one was touching him as the Yonko was the only person Ace truly cared about.

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