Personalized Classes at ArtSense

Every child is different. Which is why here at ArtSense, we created personalized after school classes that cater to children who love arts & crafts and are always eager to create more with their endless imaginations. Here in the personalized classes, students will get to learn more advance art work such as canvas work, installation work and designing work. Not only will they learn the techniques, they would also be exposed to various artists or designers past or present.

These classes can even play a part in guiding them in their aspirations of attending an art based schools such as School Of The Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts or Lasalle - College of The Arts.

Course Content
Drawing & Composition / Craft Work / Basic Art History / Observational Drawing / Collage / Clay Modelling / Painting on Canvas / Creative Design / Cutting & Pasting / Brush & Drawing Skills / Perspective Drawing


Water Colour / Poster Colour / Colour Pencil / Soft Pastels / Oil Pastels / Mix Medium / Acrylic / Natural Dye / Charcoal / Paper Mache

Teaching Ratio: 1 teacher to 2 students
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