Replace boring posters or plain bulletin boards with these vinyl transportation wall decals. Offered by Wall Inspired, these adorable and modern children’s transportation squares are the perfect addition to your little guy’s nursery, great for a playroom or pre-school setting and are 100% customizable. Wall Inspired specializes in vinyl décor to add that extra special touch to your children’s area.

The Modern Transportation squares are one of my favorites because they are sleek, simple and modern for today’s toddlers. They do double duty as adorable décor and a learning tool for your little one. You can pick the color and the size for each square, to coordinate with current décor.

Each square is shipped on an individual sheet, so you can arrange them however you’d like. Size them up or down to fit your space and choose the colors that match best. Then try them as a border around the top of the room, arrange them in a square, or use them in a frame as wall art.

Wall Inspired uses only high quality vinyl that goes on thin, to look like a custom painting right on your wall. Best of all, they are guaranteed to stay looking great for up to five years, and when you’re ready to switch, they are completely removable.

If you’re a first time vinyl user, there is no need to hesitate because Wall Inspired has your back. They provide you with full instructions and offer a complete refund within 7 days of purchase if you’re not completely satisfied.