Little boys and girls have always been fascinated with planes and flight and these vintage air plane vinyl decals will delight your aspiring little Orville Wright or Amelia Earhart. Grouped together, these planes can be a great spot of color in your room, over the bed or desk, or use them lined around the room to create a border at ceiling height or chair rail height.

(To determine the perfect level for a chair rail border, measure the height of the wall and divide by three, place the planes over the line one-third of the way from the floor.) Pair them with aviation-themed bedding for a supersonic room.

Wall Inspired offers these attractive airplanes in a set of six; each plane ranges in size from 9Ĺ to 12Ĺ inches, but sizes can be customized as per your order. Designs can be mirrored as well and colors can be easily adapted to fit your special design needs.

All wall decals are made with high-quality matte vinyl and are guaranteed to last. They are easy to apply and come with step-by-step directions. Once applies, these vintage vinylís have the look of a hand-painted image.