Go behind the scenes with renowned singer-songwriter Art Fazil and find out more about the journey of music, starting from the moment a song is conceptualised, produced and launched. Through anecdotes and personal experiences, Art will share some tips on songwriting craftsmanship and music business issues such as copyrights, royalties and music publishing. This talk is not to be missed for those who wish to embark on a music career or are interested to find out more about the music scene.

More info:
Bitesize: Introduction to the Music Industry by Art Fazil
4 March 2012, Sun
2pm (2hrs, no intermission)
Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Tickets at $15 from SISTIC
website: www.esplanade.com

About the facilitator:
Art Fazil is a well-known singer-songwriter who has produced many hits such as Mama I Canít Breathe and Sometimes When I Feel Blue, which won the Best Local English Pop Song award at the COMPASS Music Awards in 1995. Art is also popular in the Malay music scene with his band Rausyanfikir, winning two COMPASS Music Awards for Fikir Fikir and a gold disc award in Malaysia. He has toured worldwide and performed at clubs and festivals in the UK, Germany, Turkey and Ireland.

These talks and workshops are recommended for people 16 years old and above. No admission for infant-in-arms and children below six years old. Tickets are required for all patrons. No photography, video or audio recording are allowed.