• Services

- Trained yoga instructor will come to the convenience of and comfort of your home!
- 60 minutes personalized yoga sessions to meet your child's needs
- Multiple sessions per week available during the DECEMBER holidays!
- Complimentary yoga mats if you sign up for 4 sessions!

  • Age Group

- 4-7 years old

  • Brief description of lessons

Yoga play: Me&My Emotions
-Recognizing own facial expressions and emotions through poses&actions
-Self-management of emotions through poses and fun breathing techniques
-Play and imitation skills

Yoga play: Me&The Animals
-Self-management of skills associated with sounds and behaviors of animals(farm animals,safari animals,sea animals and pets)
-Play and imitation skills

  • Fees

- $120 for 4 sessions(for areas within ERP gantry,there will be an additional $5 surcharge)

Hear from you soon~