Naruto Shippuden Episode 267 sad Sasuke is heartbreaking. May be because he usually dontít show his feelings. I loved Sasukeís speech and that he be true to himself. I loved how open and honest he was. He is not 100% evil; he is just a boy who loves his family so much to the point that he just canít forgive Konoha no matter how hard he tries. I really really loved this goodbye. It was very sad but I think he decided to just let it go, he will never be able to accept Itachiís choice and even though he can forgive his brother, he can never be like him and Iím really glad he isnít. No matter how fucked up by life and by his brother, heís still his own person who has every right to refuse to be changed. Even though he knows destroying Konoha wonít bring him any happiness, he chooses this path because of his love for his family.