We are a group of current school teachers providing 1 to 1 home Tuition (Group/Individual) in Singapore for all levels (including specialised subjects like POA, Design and Technology ['NA', "not" and 'O' level themes released on 14th Jan 2013] for Upper Secondary).

English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese for Primary levels.
English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, D&T for Lower Secondary.
English, E/A Mathematics, Chinese, Pure Physics/Chemistry/Biology, Combined Science, POA, Design and Technology for Upper Secondary.

Our POA tutor graduates with an accounting degree from Nanyang Business School.
She holds a record of 8 years as a private accountant and another 11 years as a current POA teacher in local Secondary school. Her studentsí grades were known to jump from F9 to A2 within a span of 3-5 months.

Interested please kindly email to us : yalp614@gmail.com

Please kindly indicate your location, level, subjects involved, current school, most recent results, available days and timing, no. of hours per session, no. of sessions per month, 1 to 1 or you have a group of 2 or more students per session, hourly rate that you can offer.