It is important to know how your child learns. Each child learns differently. Learning style refers to how someone can process and comprehend information in the most effective manner. Spot your child’s learning style now!

  • Visual Spatial Learning Style

They learn best through what they see. Images and videos would aid them to comprehend information effectively. They tend to fancy charts, mind maps puzzles and diagrams. In order for them to retain information, they usually have to organize them on paper, draw images or look at the information repeatedly. They might lose focus when information is given to them through hearing. For preschoolers, you may use flash cards, highlighting important details on paper or use pictures to embark on their early education. To keep them organized, it is beneficial to make a checklist for them.

  • Auditory Language Learning Style

They learn best by what they hear. They learn best when they engage in a discussion over the particular topic. They will tend to remember what they have heard or experienced over time. When they read a book, they usually read it out loud. They usually feel uneasy when there is an awkward silence in the room. They enjoy participating in forum or classroom discussions. To memorize what they have learned effectively, they can make use of acronyms.

  • Kinesthetic Physical Learning Style

These learners learn best through experience. They are usually more hyper active than others, and prefer to involve physically in various events. They usually excel athletically. To help them to learn better, organize their time for them such that there are frequent breaks in between their studies. For example, a half an hour study time followed by a swim at the pool before coming back to their homework. Learner is usually energized after being actively involved in an activity.

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