I have been a full-time tutor for the last two years, taking on children from Upper Primary to 'O' Level and iGCSE candidates. I was employed by a reputable tuition centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I worked to prepare students for entry tests into International Schools, as well as for entry into schools in Singapore.

I have taught students from a wide range of nationalities, including but not limited to: Singapore, Korea, Japan, Australia, Iran, Venezuela and Mexico.

I do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" tuition method. Each child is different and may learn in different ways. It is my belief that a good tutor will cater to different styles of learning in order to benefit the child.

My intent is to enable my students to fully grasp the concepts of the subject they are learning - rather than expecting them to memorize model answers. True understanding will lead to better results, and a child that is able to apply their knowledge to a broad range of questions.

Subjects taught:
P4 - Eng/ Math/ Science
P5 - Eng/ Math/ Science
P6 - Eng/ Math/ Science
Sec 1 to 4 - English/ Literature/ E Maths/ A Maths/ Chem/ Bio

Upper Primary - $15/hr
Lower Secondary - $20/hr
Upper Secondary - $25/hr

I offer discounts for advanced payment, as well as for those wanting tuition in a group of 3 - 4 students. I do not go above this number except under special circumstances (all the students are studying the same subject and topics). This is to avoid compromising the quality of tutoring, as smaller groups allow me to provide more attention to each individual child.

I offer home tutoring as well as the option for the child to attend tuition at my own home (located in Bendemeer), should the home environment not be conducive for lessons.

As a general rule, I like to use the books and syllabi provided by the child's school, however I also provide my own supplementary materials when needed. Part of my teaching agenda for older students taking Science is to help them create and organize their own notes for each subject.

If you would like to see your child perform better in school, please contact me at +6597872770 or email me at shanicevanzwienen@gmail.com

Warm regards,