* Agents, kindly do NOT contact me.


I am a graduate from Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) and I am looking to offer tuition for genuinely interested tutees who want their grades to improve.

Subjects Covered

A Levels: H1/H2 Chem, H1/H2 Maths, H1/H2 Econs, H1 GP
Secondary School: A Maths, E Maths, Pure/Combined Chemistry, POA

Academic Abilities

Besides receiving comfortable A grades for all of these subjects in the 2011 A Levels, I am also a consistent scorer in HCJC which questions are much harder than the A Levels syllabus. As such, I am very familiar with the A-Level syllabus and its requirements for these subjects. I have also received Gold award in the prestigious Math Olympiad competition, which should be demonstrating of my academic abilities.


As someone who has been through the A-Levels personally and recently, I am more in touch with the content and syllabus than say a NUS/NIE graduate who last received an A for the subjects 10 years ago. It should also be noted that the syllabus has been increasing in its difficulty level over the years, therefore knowledge sufficient to obtain a distinction 10 years ago may not necessarily be sufficient to obtain a distinction today. Also, I have been providing tuition for the past 1.5 years and my tutees have seen their grades improve drastically. Therefore I am neither lacking in syllabus familarity nor field experience and I am confident to say my tuition can be as effective if not better than any current school teacher.

General Lesson Outline

I will be focusing on the following aspects:
- Summary of each topic
- Concepts Layout (Recognition of the various concepts taught in each topic)
- Application of concepts in different scenarios (The O and A-Level questions in recent years have been following the trend of requiring application skills which are contrasting to text-book material and content, this is one reason why students are unable to complete certain questions during the exam).


- HCJC Lecture Notes (for reference - *I do have access to the latest materials)
- HCJC Tutorial Questions (for reference - *I do have access to the latest materials)
- Hand-picked Questions (relevant to each concept/topic to demonstrate the different scenarios requiring application)
- Additional JC Resources (Prelim Papers and Answers from all schools 2008-2014, HCJC Lecture Tests/Block Tests, A Level Past Year Papers and Detailed Answers, Summarized Notes for Specific Topics, Recommended Materials)
- Additional Secondary School Resources (Nanyang Girls' High School Past Year Papers and Answers 2009-2014)

Follow Up

Aside from the tuition sessions, I am also able to provide a certain amount of after-tuition service such as helping with homework questions. Questions can be sent via MMS or WhatsApp and I will reply as soon as possible. This can help to save time during the tuition sessions so more time can be allocated towards clarification and mastering the concepts for each topic and subject.

Quality Control

All my students have seen tremendous improvements under my guidance. I do not readily accept a student if I am not confident of placing aside sufficient time to assist the student or even hold additional lessons at times when they are required.

For the academic year 2015, I have a total of 5 students carrying on from this/past years:
- PJC J1 proceeding to J2
- NYGH Sec 4 proceeding to HCJC J1
- Singapore Sports School Sec 2 proceeding to Sec 3
- RVHS Sec 1 and NYGH Sec 1 (Group) proceeding to Sec 2

My past students have done exceptionally well for their A Levels / Secondary School EOY results and I am confident of continuing the trend. My slots are limited, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you are genuinely interested to have your grades improve.


- $45-$70 per hour depending on the level and subject(s) required
- Prices may slightly differ depending on the study location
- Prices are fully negotiable for group tuition.

Please contact 96215263 (SMS only) for a quotation, to negotiate the price, or for more information.