For me, my son's grades has always been a big headache. He has very short concentration and is slightly hyperactive. I have change countless of tutors from different tuition agencies, but none of them can handle my son, so not to even mention helping him to get out of F9 grade.

Until one day my friend recommended me A*home tuition agency. When i told them my son's problem, alike other agencies, they promised me to get a suitable tutor for my son. And indeed, just after 2 months (16 lessons), my son starts to prepare his work before the tuition, and more willing to listen and do what the tutor say. Most importantly, his grades improve from a F9 to B3 just after 6 months. I'm very surprise and happy for my son's improvement and would like to recommend this tuition agency to parents out there.

You can visit their website at ********************************* A*Home Tuition - Home