How to decide or choose a good tutor?

Nowsaday, parents are more careful in choosing the 'right' tutor for their kids since p1. Their choices may vary among females tutor,strict one, low-cost group tuition,well-known tutor from words of mouth in their neighbourhood,full-time tutors & desired fixed schedule tuition. Hearing all above requirements,you will find the hassle & headaches resulted to parents,tutors & tuition agencies as well.

Being a full-time tutor myself,I find the best way is when standing from student's point of view.He will be the best candidate to justify & then finalise everything with his parent on the cost of tuition.Many a times,I realise most parents decide the tutor in the absence of the student. Eventually,the student dislikes the arrangement & the worst part,he rejects the tuition on the 1st tuition day fro
Tutor or even to the agency.

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