We dont't just teach content...
We bridge gaps and mould your child's learning holistically.

Brain Mindsters is an educational enrichment avenue that works hard to bridge gaps for excellence. Learning should consist more than pure rote learning and memory; it involves active participation and sufficient opportunities for children to experience in order to learn effectively. Most importantly, we believe that one's childhood should not be compromised by learning, but both can stand hand in hand.

Jeslyn came out with the MINDS Depot protocol which consists of 5 stations to provide each child with a customized holistic tuition programme. Jeslyn's teaching methods involve 2 components - acquiring (bottom-up processing) and applying (top-down processing); which are two very important components in effective learning. Lessons will be conducted at your house currently, by Jeslyn personally.

Give your child the chance to experience the whole-new effective learning experience at the most affordable rates (as low as $168 per 4 lessons) for your child to learn effectively, happily and grow holistically.

Our specialty, your choice
- We perform standardized assessment before recommending the most suitable activities and programme for your child
- Each student learns differently, hence, we cater to each student with an individualized learning plan
- Adequate opportunities are provided for experiential learning, the most impactful and effective form of learning
- Opportunities for students to learn and improve social behaviours occur in a natural setting
- Activities that improve foundation skills, essential for learning are included
- Our candid feedback of your child's progress prevents you from spending unnecessary amount of money

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