June is the best time for your child taking the N or O levels to learn important skills and techniques for their major examinations! This is especially so when English is a language, unlike Math or Science, which cannot be taught just a month or two before the crucial exams. Put your child through this one month course which is effective in helping them.
More details below!

Who is conducting it?
English specialist with 5 years experience
Bachelors of Arts (English) at Nanyang Technological University
Intending to study Masters in Critical Theory
Founder of this course 4 years ago
Currently teaching at established tuition centre, MOE registered, 20 years experience
100% success rates with helping students to achieve their realistic desired grade

General Information
4 week course, 8 lessons (can be arranged anytime from 18 May to 1 July)
Twice a week
3 hours each (interactive, engaging, no problem for students with short attention span)
3 lessons for paper 1
3 lessons for paper 2
2 lessons for paper 4 (Oral)
Course is catered to student's strengths and weaknesses
Attuned to the new, updated syllabus

For paper 1
Composition writing is our specialization. Students have feed backed that they have learnt the most from this component as the specialist is able to provide a clear structure as to how argumentative or expository writing can be made easy.
Providence of exam reminders
Emphasis on structure and organization
How to write good topic sentences
Logicality and coherence

For paper 2
What should your thought process be when reading the passages?
Teaching an accurate way to answering questions of different types
Skill of rephrasing questions
Introduction of some common N and O level vocabulary
Smmary skills and coherence
Aiming for perfection in summary

For paper 3
Techniques to avoid monotony
Techniques for voice projection
Perfecting pronunciation
Emphasis on tine and pace consistency
Structure for spoken interaction
How to elongate response

Not enough and want more?
Sure, for the past 4 years, many students realized how the course has helped them, and request for some continuation.
However, slots for 2014 are full from August onwards and extension is subject to availability then.
Extension rates differ slightly.

Rates per hour
1. Individual + student's house = $40
2. Individual + tutor's house = $30 (Lorong Soo, kovan/Serangoon Mrt)
3. Pair + student's house = $30
4. Pair + tutor's house = $25

Payment in 2 installments (4th and 8th lesson) via cheque, bank transfer or cash.

Contact 92205539 via call, SMS or whatsapp for enquiries.