Pre-school - Phonics, Pronunciation
Lower & Upper Primary - English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese
Secondary School Humanities: Geography, Social Studies

I also provide before exams 'Clear-your-doubts' session for students to clear their doubts and misunderstandings on certain subject concept/what they cannot understand.

I'm a passionate female tutor who is currently teaching a class of P2 students under a free tuition programme. I choose to adopt more interesting methods of teaching instead of just going through everything from books.
My personal preference would be 1 to 1 tuition/maximum 3 siblings who wants to be tutored together. This will allow me to spend more time with your child in order for me to sufficiently cater to your child's need.

I'm residing in the North, so my preferred locations are: Hougang, Kovan, Seng Kang, Serangoon (mostly along NE Line).
Other locations could be arranged if it's not too inconvenient for me to travel to as I dont't drive.

Contact details:

Blessed day!