We are a committed team of 15 personal tutors, each possessing at least 5 years of 1-to-1 O/A level tutoring experience. Through years of collaboration, our team comprising of teaching assistants, researchers and post graduate students (PhD and Msc) from the National University of Singapore have come together to help needy students (primary, secondary and even tertiary levels) in their studies.

Each of our team members are well versed in their own forte and we have dedicated teachers specializing in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, English, Chinese, POA, social studies etc. We provide our students with essential study materials that capture salient points and impart them useful techniques to tackle commonly encountered questions. In addition, we aim to achieve broad base learning by exposing our students to knowledge that extends beyond the curriculum.

Science and Mathematics Tutors
Highly experienced individuals who have undergone vigorous training and emerged as the cream of the crop among their peers. Basic theory will be reviewed and focus will be given to commonly misunderstood concepts. Within a short span of 1-2 months, students will feel a significant improvement in their understanding of the subject matter.

English Language Tutors
Patient and detailed qualified individuals who possessed distinctions for their O/A levels. We aim to raise our student's standard of English Language (most importantly their writing skills and comprehension) through an all rounded approach, which includes expansion of vocabulary, exposure to classic sentences and elegant write ups. We welcome all interested students to have a trial lesson with us.

For students who will be moving on to secondary 3/4 the next year, it is time to prepare for the upcoming year. Rapid improvements in grades within a short time frame is expected for students who are willing to put in the extra mile to attend intensive classes for subjects such as Mathematics, Science and POA. Following this period, extensive revisions will definitely help students in achieving that aspired A. As for English language and Mother Tongue, we do not encourage a short term intensive programme. Instead, we believe in gradual improvements by working on the students' basic vocabulary, grammar and composition techniques to ultimately promote their command of the language.

We welcome all students/parents to contact us so that we can work out a well-tailored study plan to help students achieve their target results. Even for students who do not enrol with us eventually, we will be happy to provide advice regarding the curriculum as we sincerely hope that all students do well!

Last of all, we hope that students will start putting in efforts in their studies as early as possible in order to be well-prepared by the time examination is here. We do not advocate last minute revisions as it takes time to develop foundation on the subject matter which is an important prerequisite for which advanced knowledge is to be built upon.

We can provide contacts of students previously taught by our team to offer their feedbacks on our teachings.

Our rates are especially reasonable, starting from SGD35 per hour.
Throughout the years of our teaching journey, we have come up with numerous solutions to solve problems commonly encountered by students. We hope our advice related to studies, graduation and examination techniques will be useful to all students!

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