Hi. I am an ex-teacher with MOE. Currently pursuing Bachelor in English with Business in UniSIM. I have 4 young children (P2, P1, Nursery and Playgroup).

I have taught EMS from P1-P6 and have been tutoring my own children but I have observed that they study better in a group. Therefore, I would like to open up a group tuition at my own residence and make it a win-win situation for my kids, myself and your children too (if they also prefer studying in groups like my kids). As an ex- teacher, I am in tuned with the current syllabus and know, in general, the curriculum of the govt schools here in Sg. I do not advocate drills but drills are important to keep a child focus. Therefore, I teach accordingly to the children's abilities and will always engage fun in learning (before the drills ).

If you feel the same way as me, do give me a call at 96711836 and we can discuss the rates, time and days available for all of our children to learn more effectively. By the way, my location is at Serangoon North.

Thank you.