My son has recently completed his O levels and I am really glad to have engage this Maths tutor to guide him through this one year. At the end of Sec 3, my son has failed his A maths exam and was almost asked to drop the subject. However, after engaging this tutor, his results improved tremendously for both A and E Maths!!!! He scored A2 for A Maths and A1 for E maths!! Now I am praying that he will be able to score A1 for both A and E Maths!!!

The good thing is that her rates are super reasonable only $35 per hour and if i remember correctly are credentials are good tooo! Scored A1 for both A and E Maths and A for A level Maths!!!

I am so glad to have engaged her and would like to share this tutor with all of you! If you need contact number of this tutor, do let me know.