Procrastination (#2) Failure to Accept Responsibility

All procrastination is the effect of deluding themselves. They deny reality and refuse to accept responsibility for their lives. They often play the ‘blame game’ and point fingers to everyone around them but themselves. To eliminate procrastination, one must stop playing games with themselves. They can't overcome procrastination until they accept the fact that they are responsible for what they make of their life. That may be more honesty than many students are capable of, but there is no other way to achieve a better results.

The first step toward overcoming procrastination is recognizing that it's a problem. Students have big and small problems, but most of their problems are caused by procrastination.

All procrastinators share certain traits:
- They know what they should do about a problem, and in many cases they know what specific action needs to be taken. Yet they find reasons to avoid action.

I have a student who is ‘addicted’ to his/her phone. Every single time he/she has to check her phone for messages or notifications. What is has led to is he/she being very distracted and unable to focus on the work on hand escalating to many ‘homework and revision debts’. One suggestion I have given his/her is to turn off his/her notification for his/her phone. There are many other suggestions which will be covered in my latest book.

- They are unwilling to do anything about a problem now, but guarantee to take action at some VAGUE time in the future.
Research shows that one can develop new habits in just 21 days if they’re serious about changing. Think about peers you know who always get things done. What are their work habits? How do they approach boring and repetitive tasks? How do they stay focused?

Lastly, procrastination is a real monster, and it won't go away unless we do something about it every day.
Always ask: At what time of day am I most productive? Most people say they're most productive early in the morning; by mid-afternoon it's harder for them to sit still and concentrate on work. Try to schedule the hard jobs for your most productive time.

dont't over-socialize in school. School chitchat and gossip keep many people from getting more accomplished. Let people know when you dont't want to be disturbed. Think about the things in your school environment that contribute to staying focused. What things distract you or make you want to postpone a homework?

We are not victims of our circumstances. You can overcome procrastination now! You can do the things that need to be done. And you can learn to distinguish between the things that need to be done now and the things that can wait eg Clash of Clans clan war/ LOL/ Dota 2 compared to revision and homework.