Dear all parents,

I think we all have a feeling, when you have the interest in something, you will always want to do or complete it even it's a difficult to achieve. I do have this feeling most of the time and this is what I always want to emphasis to parents, once your children have the interesting in mandarin, maths or other subjects, their progress will surprise you.
The interest could not come from no where, and I believe the power of a good teacher. If the student likes a teacher, he/she would like to achieve more and been praised. So I do appreciate a teacher who are knowledgeable but also knowing how to communicate with kids, apply different teaching method to different kids.
I found this to be very useful after been a private mandarin tutor for 3 years. I am also a mom of 18months old boy. Would like to share my own option with all other mummies especially those are looking for a good tutor or already have very good tutor. To me, the tutor must love kids, know how to deal with chidlrens' tantrum and develop kids interest is very important. Would like all the parent to share your opinion and I am sure it will be very beneficial.
Thank you