Hello parents,

I am Yolanda Lee, a tutor.

Recently, I decided to set up a June workshop for students from Primary 3 to Primary 6. This workshop might work a little differently from the other tutors/agencies.

How different? Well, I am going topic by topic. Lets say for Primary 3, Science? For the first 2 terms, students learn Living and Non-living things, Materials and a little bit on Magnets. I am going through those topics again. An hour each for each topic. In my class, students will learn and understand first before applying what they learn on worksheets.

I am providing notes and worksheets for my students.

I set up a schedule of lessons within that certain week.

I will advise you to go to my website which I created and take a look at the schedule. (F.Y.I : still updating so pardon the flimsiness)

A lesson is $12. I do not charge for notes or worksheet.

I have the classes at my home (Sengkang), with 3-4 pupils at one time.

I would prefer to speak to parents first and to understand the problems first.

Message me at 8481 8918 for more information.


Thank you and hear from you soon.