If you do not have enough time for your child, it is best to hire a tutor for a day learning. dont't look tutor in the advertising. Ask your friends, parents of your child’s friends, teacher at school ... He or she, primarily, must be a person who is a good pedagogue, positive and optimistic, it is desirable to have children, it is preferable that these children showed the results of proper education .
A bit of time you spend with your child, use for socializing and conversation. You need to know whether the child likes to work with the tutor, how to learn, about what they were discussing, as a tutor in the mood, is he unhappy with something in the life and this is transferred to the child.
And remember, personal teacher must not represent opposing methods and attitudes of yours. You are the parent, you are responsible for your child, you love your child!

If the tutor has objections to your methods, attitudes and behavior , he needs to talk to you, not to the child. Therefore, please be in touch with the tutor and synchronize your relationship with your child.

If you have “lost” communication with your child or the child is lazy, it is much more useful to consult a psychologist. You ,not a child. The first step towards solving the problem is that parents find their mistakes in the bringing up of their children. Remember, a child did not bring up himself, only parent is responsible for it .

When a child has problem to understand the material only for some subjects, encourage him to seek help from teachers at and friends. If the problem persists, it is reasonable to engage the tutor.Parent must follow this work , too, to be informed of how these classes take place and how the child progressed. The task of the personal teacher ,in this case, is that student approached the matter, to be encouraged to work harder to catch up and facilitate the monitoring of regular classes at school.

Hiring a tutor can help a lot, but can be more harmful.It is help only when needed to compensate some shortcomings in knowledge, but ,sometame, the pupils less follow teaching in school by relying on private teachers, do not investigate and come to conclusions by themselves , as the tutor works for them. It is harmful.

Believe me! I am a tutor.