Hi mummies,

Wanted to share my experience about Star Learners cause I think they have really gone above and beyond and deserve to be praised.

I actually stay in sengkang and there has been a very huge shortage on childcare centres in this area.
Initially I went to check out star learners in sengkang but no surprise there - no vacancies available and a long waiting list.

What they did after that was really great, I received a call from them after leaving my contact details behind.
They asked about where I worked and which MRT stations I would normally pass by, they ended up recommending me to head to their Bishan St 13 branch.
It was not too far away since I work at Braddell area and went to check out their branch there. Really loved it.
It was big and spacious and had a very huge boat playground any child would be fascinated by it!

I ended up signing my daughter under their branch.
More so, really appreciated their efforts to help me, I think as long as they have tried their best, I will just be as grateful, normally none of the childcare centres have really tried helping.

Any other mummies have faced similar situation or have any other experiences to share?