mums 5000 is designed especially for mums-to-be, mummies and young children. We were set up in July 2011 and soft launched in August 2011.

Our objectives are:

Support Group: to provide an opportunity for parents to get together, establish or add to a network of friends and share experiences of raising young children, parenting and role as a mummy.

Information Gathering: to provide information by professional speakers and through workshops / seminars in the areas of pregnancy, postnatal care, and all other matters including concerning the raising of young children and parenting.

Events: to provide another opportunity for family to bond together through our events such as balloon party, celebration of occasions and etc.

Do join us in facebook at Mums 5000 - Info | Facebook

Website is still in the progress. We are having a soft launch in the cafe on Sun 21 Aug 2011 from 3 - 5pm. More information will be updated via facebook. =)