hi, mummies, i am new here, want to recommend my girl's kindergarten, it is chatsworth kindergarten picadilly, at seletar camp, at the end of jln kayu.

the school is actually an international school with local curriculum. my girl has been in another 2 schools before we find this school. she did not like the other 2 but she instantly liked this one, she loves all the teachers too. as she stays there longer, we got more involved and got to see the school more, the more we see, the more we like it. what they do there just really makes a lot sense.

the school has a very big outdoor spaces, a lot of plants and 2 quails. a big music room + library. airconed room but you dont't have to take off your shoe in class. teachers speak standard english, not singlish. teachers will arrange table with interesting activities before kids enter classroom. excellent parent involvement. excellent communication with parents. when the teacher talks to me i feel she really observed the same thing on my daughter as i myself do, which means she paid her attention. they have a blog to share with parents pictures and videos in class regularly.

but there are drawbacks: 1. location not so convenient (have school bus). 2. fees are high, 2500+ for 1 term (10 weeks), no subsidy as it is a kindergarten 3. not full day, morning 8.30-11.30am for pre nursury level, till 12.30 for kindergarten level. afternoon 12.30-3.30pm for pre-N.

however all in all it is the best school i have known. just want more parents to know about it. currently my daughter is in pre-N PM class, they still have a lot of vacancies, wish to get her more friends too, so posting here.

anyone who is interested in the school and google chatsworth kindergarten picadilly, and call Linda for a school tour.