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anyone lives with brother in law??

This is a discussion on anyone lives with brother in law?? within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; i hate mine so much and my hubby have to suffer..he really freeloader and expect me or my hubby to ...

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    Worthy Lady asl_6886's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
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    Angry anyone lives with brother in law??

    i hate mine so much and my hubby have to suffer..he really freeloader and expect me or my hubby to clean up his dishes or his bedroom.. currently i'm pregnant with second one and he so inconsiderate look for trouble and go to the old changi hospital for some spooky adventure..

    not really "pantang" but i got really huge 'scare' during my 4th month...aiyo,what to do with this kind of ppl?i dont want to stress myself but can't help it cos he's not contributing anything but trouble.. sigh
    sorry if i nag so much but i can really continue until tomorrow just talking bout him hehehe
    i'm not a calculating person but with my second one coming and with me not working and depending on my hubby he should at least do something and for heaven sake he's 34
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    Worthy Lady 1568mummy's Avatar
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    Smile Re: anyone lives with brother in law??

    I had stayed with such a person before, but not my brother in law, it was a friend of my hubby. Her family chased her out of the house, she got no where to stay so we allowed her in for 1year and everything in the house went hare-wire!

    its difficult for you to solve this, cos' you are but a sister In law only.
    Have you told your hubby about how serious this problem is for you and your pregnancy?

    Let your hubby talk to your brother in law. If he really can't. Then YOU write a letter and pass it to him. Let him read your concerns.

    The thing is dont't feel because he is related, and that you should give face, cos' that's how most problem dont't get solved eventually.... not asking you to be crude , just write down what EXACTLY goes through your mind....

    go talk to your hubby first. If hubby doesn't want to talk to your brother in law, then go write that letter of yours.

    I'm not trying to stir trouble, I'm just relating what WORKED for me before.
    come see my humble little corner:http://allaboutyourchild.com

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    Imperial Concubine SH74's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
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    Re: anyone lives with brother in law??

    try talking to your husband again. tell him you r very disturbed by it n it's not good for the baby since mommy n baby closely connected.

    suggest to him that if there's nothing he can do, you hope he can let you go back to your parents' plc to stay. it's all for the sake of your baby n you dont want to take any risk.

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