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Differences between husband and wife

This is a discussion on Differences between husband and wife within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; We tried Punggol BTO but didn't get it. My IL dont't mind Punggol. But my grandparents-in-law stay at Bishan, near ...

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    Re: Differences between husband and wife

    We tried Punggol BTO but didn't get it. My IL dont't mind Punggol. But my grandparents-in-law stay at Bishan, near Toa Payoh, and my mother/sister stay at Boon Lay. My father/grandmother stay at Bukit Timah. Very far away! I'll feel isolated if I stay at Punggol. We are just waiting for enbloc as our flats are 30 over years. But there are no rumours so far.. Chances still low.

    My very idealistic wish is to build a 8 story building and let my family members stay at each apartment so we can be together everyday! But relationships are not perfect and I've got no money obviously. haha!

    My view is that I want my parents-in-law to stay with us because we can look after them and most likely hire a maid to do all the housework. Let them retire in peace. They are very easygoing people whom I believe I can live with. They give without asking for anything in return. They never gossip or talk behind people's back. They never ever quarrel. They are too generous with their money (kept giving us!). Totally opposite from my own family! The house is always noisy with smiles and laughters while my previous home was cold and silent... This is the kind of family environment I want my son to grow up with and the environment won't be complete without them!

    Finance-wise, I want to pay for everything, for housing, utilities etc etc. I dont't want them to worry about money when they retire. The house we are currently staying at, they used their own money to buy it so they can do whatever they want. sell it or rent it, it's their own income.

    As for sharing the expenditure with my hubby, I'm not too sure. We dont't like to draw a clear line on who pays what. Once we both start working, I'll work out the finances. Now still too early to calculate. I'll take note of this. Never thought of it before.

    That's why with such high aspirations, I need to do something about it and work super hard.

    Anyway, I wrote my hubby's exam date on the whiteboard very very big and notify the whole family already. So I'm sure he will get a nagging from everyone when the day draws near! haha!!

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    Re: Differences between husband and wife

    Re reminding your hubby, buy or print out those calenders by month, put on a clip board or magnetic strip and stick it on the fridge or some place where he'll see it all the time! Your whiteboard idea is good as well! I used to do the calender thing in Switzerland when I was preggers and needed to record down appointments and such.

    Re differences between hubby and wife, well, every couple and individual is different. I cannot expect my hubby to be like me and vice-versa. Although our education level is the same, he is more skilled in certain things than I am - world history, politics, math, scientific stuff - and I am more skilled in things than he is - language (English), cooking, childcare stuff, crafts, etc. He is not my superior but rather someone who complements me. dont't you think that it's better than looking at him as a role model (he cannot do any wrong, etc, etc, must lead the way, etc, etc)? For me, I've always felt that role models have reached their peak and dont't need to grow any more but I dont't want that for my marriage because I want our relationship and us to grow as well. And in order to grow, he must be around my level with faults and good points of his own.

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