Hi all, I need some advice regarding the following. Well, it was actually going to be a really looong post but I'll save the hassle and cut the long story short:

Background: Married for more than 3 yrs, blessed with a healthy 2yo son and currently own a HDB flat.

My hubb and I have had issues, and these issues took a turn for the worst when our son was born. We will quarrel over trivial issues and ended up really unhappy in his first year. After which, i decided i still want to try to make the marriage work and i suggested marriage counselling but my hubb never got around to do it. I decided i should fix problems on my part and learnt to control my temper and compromise because I want so hard for the marriage to work. Most importantly, i want my son to grow up in a complete family.

Thing is, my hubb and I have drifted apart. We have not had sex for a long time and he is very withdrawn. No affairs, but we just got to a point where i feel he hates me. He is just not giving in and I am always initiating a discussion to make everything work again. It has become very exhausting to keep patching things back but feeling that nothing works because your hubb just dont give a shit.

I am lost, helpless and very unhappy in this marriage, hence I want to file for separation? Are there any good firms to recommend. I hope we could work things out with a separation so i didnt want to opt for a divorce. I have become so emotionally estranged from all that has happened. My hubb just reacts sarcastically to my probs and didn't really bothered with me. He does not care if i am angry and we could go on weeks and months without talking. I feel that it is so unhealthy for my son but I dont wish to compromise and stay unhappy. Would a separation help the both of us? I hope we could work things out but it does not seemed like things will get better. It just got worst with us ignoring each other. I am just very tired and want to give up.