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To me, i have a lot. Till now 9 of them.

Maybe to some of you, 9 are very little. But to me, have not hit the official age of 20 yrs old already have 9, is kinda alot yeas?

9 past loves, only 1-2 are still in very good friendship. E others did not really contact much already.

& ppl always say "初恋永远是最美的

agree ?

i have to.

& you know your dear husband has how many past loves? & he has how many r/s which "committed" way over the boundary?
wah....so many!

my dear husband is my 初恋 ....

but i am his 2nd one.

He said he stopped work for half a year, everyday go PUB to drink and spent all the money he can throughout that half year...jialat he, to get over that girl....stupid rite????