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how to improve relationship

This is a discussion on how to improve relationship within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; dear mummies, any advice how to how to improve relationship ? lately we having some problems....

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    how to improve relationship

    dear mummies, any advice how to how to improve relationship ? lately we having some problems.

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    Re: how to improve relationship

    As a guy, this is my suggestion.

    Do not be obsessed with your hubby actions.
    The more you show your insecurity, the more unattractive you will be to him.
    Instead, reflect on your life and goals.
    Focus on beng a chiobu that will be appealing to guys.

    It's common to see women, once married, take things for granted, end up looking lik a gorilla.
    Marriage must never be seen as a blind faith commitment.
    Imagine a guy having to face a gorilla daily, when there are so may refreshing SYT around.

    Therefore, I suggest
    Do a makeover, be a chiobu, a chiobu that guys will long for
    dont be a naggy frustrated aunty.
    Slowly, your spouse can appreciate you and want to spend more time with you.
    There will always be distractions, a married man is still a guy, but in the end, he did not leave you right?
    There is a big difference between having distractions and walking away.
    Do you prefer him to be distracted or walk away?

    You may not agree with this POV, I am not here to convince anyone, so no need get personal and start a heated debate.
    Just sharing my POV.

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    Re: how to improve relationship

    care to share what kind of problems?

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