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I seem all the in law problems why there isn't any 'own mother' problem...
Staying with my mum now as our flats not ready..she is all alone and I'm the only child...and pior to marriage we were on very good terms...
Good terms as in I'm usually home late...I have less rules set for her.
Things change abit when I got marry... Me n my husband quarrel and this disturb her a lot

Then after that came our baby son, things got worse as my mum is the typical old old ppl so a lot things I can't agree with her on how she take care of her grandson.

Now I'm really very upset that she always say my husband dont do household...
I honestly say my husband are the one of those who wash toilet, do the laundry, keep my makeup table tidy, sweep and mop floor, always do the bed (which I never had the habit of tidy the bed in d morning)
My mum can even say she have NEVER SEE my hubby do... I have been talking sense to her and explaining but she like 'deaf' like that

Pls tell me how can i talk to her n make her see?
I feel she is sooo wrong abot her sister In law !
install a security camera just to film down your hubby do housework.. then say want to watch video with her... :P