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Hubby not ready for kids yet

This is a discussion on Hubby not ready for kids yet within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Hello to everyone here. I am new here and I am not a mummy. I have been married for coming ...

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    Hubby not ready for kids yet

    Hello to everyone here. I am new here and I am not a mummy. I have been married for coming to 2 years and recently me and hubby have been discussing about having kids. We did discuss before we got married and we both agree to start planning for kids after 2 years of marriage. Now that it has been coming to 2 years, I asked my hubby again if he is ready. He is still a bit reluctant to start planning for one now but for me, I would love to have one soon. I love kids and I want to set up a family. My hubby has too much to think like whether he would be a good father or not....whether we are able to provide the best for our kids...who will look after them....etc etc... I know it is good to all these planning, but there are a limit to what we can plan, what we can't, right?

    I just want to hear some opinion from you all. How else can I convince my hubby about having kids? I am in my early 30s and I do not want to delay any further. Anyone has the same situation as these? Would love to hear from you all!

    Thank you

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    Re: Hubby not ready for kids yet


    You can tell him:

    1) high % of getting healthy kids if preggy when you younger
    2) do you want to be an old parent when your kids are still so young?
    3) baby not say want will confirm have one... you wont know if theres any issue until you really start trying for one. Tink conceive is so easy? Takes time also...some ppl drag & drag...when they really want to have one...too late....infertily issues...
    4) No one is totally ready for a baby arrival.... you do & learn at the same time...theres no school for parenting... everyone learn along the way..
    5) you can retire earlier

    For my case, we always wanted to have a baby asap after marriage. Marry at 26, preggy with lst baby at 27, preggy with 2nd baby at 28.. The many hardshipss of their babyhood days is mostly forgotten...now i can enjoy their toddlerhood.. Its tougher on you to be preggy when you are older ..physically & emotionally.... dont get me started on... complications during pregnancy..etc etc. so best is asap.

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    Re: Hubby not ready for kids yet

    tell your hubby to look at the solutions to his fears and worries, rather than the problem.

    Work out on the plans and solutions, and find the answers along the way for those not factor in or cater for.
    You should be fine and more importantly enjoy parenthood

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