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Inviting every mummy or daddy to share....

This is a discussion on Inviting every mummy or daddy to share.... within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Hello, Daddy and Mummy, After watching the 9pm show 在见单人床。。 i thk alot of us gt that feeling that this ...

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    Lightbulb Inviting every mummy or daddy to share....

    Hello, Daddy and Mummy, After watching the 9pm show 在见单人床。。 i thk alot of us gt that feeling that this show is pretty near to our life... it reali true, and I also behave like wise as what the show indicate. In serveral phase in a relationship between myself and wife from dating, marriage, after marriage with children. Life is no long same or we say it sweet or romance. Most of the pple will say, children is the obstacles or children come first. father will become least attention or mother is handling much more educative stuff for children futures..

    well, i believe everyone does follow the same bah..

    Let me do a sharing of myself, i married at 25 and my wife is 22 that year we gt ROM. well after some hard work, we manage to throw our wedding (customary) in one and the half year. I feel that not a veri good one but we still go thru. now i going to be 30 soon and having 2 funny, cheerful and jin pak kwan children. a total of 5 years, we both manage to have a flat, a car and complete my degree.

    Be veri trueful, quarrel and fight does happen in our 5 years, well.. as what the lyric does share.. 在人前,从来不浪漫 在心中却总为对方打算。。ya.. this sound veri real to me.. maybe at this platform we can just share hw we solve our problem with our spouse. or what you thk you had done is correct bt yet your spouse thk is wrong..
    here will be a place to have a third party view.. if you dont mind, pls share.. Bt dear daddy and mummy pls share your solution when you had tried not you never try and thk it should be in this way.. cos thg hav try n never try is total different..

    Father of Princess Alicia

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    Re: Inviting every mummy or daddy to share....

    I married to my husband when I turns 21, was with him when I'm 18, got our own flat 5 years later, manage to get our first car at 2008, now we stay in EC and changed to a 7 seater.

    Before I was pregnant our relationship was in its lowest point, I like to go out and he like to stay home, I always go diving and he always try to stop me but never success, cold war happens every time I back home from diving. Was thinking of divorce at the worst moment but did not proceed.

    He earns much lesser than me, I pay for the housing loan ( 70% ), I pay for the car ( 100% ), not blame him for not earning enough, did not push him to find a better job since I can earn enough to maintain the family, but what makes me not happy is when you not contributing enough, and did not give me a single cent, what is your position to tell me to stay at home and dont't go out? I'm not using your money!

    After I pregnant, I cant go out anymore and he very happy, we did not quarrel again until recently, he is not helping to take care of my girl, altot he is the one always want a baby. Everynight I wake up and feed and change diaper and he sleeps like a pig and snoring next to me, cant stand him so chased him out of the room and go sleep on sofa.

    He is someone who have no initiative, everything must push behind again and again, I used to upset with him because he always wait until I scold him then he will do the house work, but now I just kick on his ass so he will do it.

    I admit I'm easily boil up and when I'm angry I give him no face at all, can fuck him upside down infront of his mom, but from top till toe everything on him are from me, he dont even buy underwear for himself. My mom ask him why he can stand my bad temper he answered her, "she just no patient only, but after all she cares the family", i was quite impressive he will say such thing, but still I will scold him when he did not move his ass to help.

    To me, love never last long, after a while, its the responsibility and familiar which will make you stay longer with each other, sometime I feel very tired as I have take charge of everything, pay everything, but I guess nothing much I can do unless change husband...well, no such plan yet...hahaha

    Now with my baby girl, the focus point different already, even though I missing diving and outing, but my girl's need come before everything....

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    Re: Inviting every mummy or daddy to share....

    I was going to write a thread about the show! Hah!

    My hubby and I watch it almost every night it airs on TV. For those who have MIO TV you can watch it first as they have some episodes that you can watch before it airs.

    We laugh at the characters because we feel it's so true about us. I think it really puts things into perspective. I remember when Chun ning (michelle chia's character) was going to tell her hubby about her pregnancy, and then he said might as well not have a 2nd child, since their quarrels often revolve around the well-being of their daughter. I think this is a mistake we seem to make. Our lives are so absorbed in giving the best to our children that we forget about giving the best to our marriage too.

    I think it's being inspired by the marriages of my parents and ILs have really kept me going all these years, and not giving up no matter how hard things seem to be. Hopefully my children will also see my marriage as a strong one and strive to make theirs so too.
    More inspirations for mothers like you at MeaningfulMotherhood

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    Re: Inviting every mummy or daddy to share....

    Hi Ladies.. myself also earn lesser than my wife.. infact she also contribute the most to the family.. i do also stop her to shop or do purchase online.. i always say money can save up n do other thg.. I m the controller of the money at home.. bt she hold the key of the home saving. So basically is i do the plan, she see ok. then she come the money out... hehe.. what i see is, sleep till snore n dont care make milk and let wife do it is total wrong. what was also be during my boy birth.. bt now, every nite i will start to be sensertive or initative to wake up n help her make the milk for my boy. i also start not to stop her buy thg that she wants.. bt i will always advise her, is the thg needed... as recently we had upgrade a bigger car also.. i feel that my wife had less attention on me.. bt i understand that she cares for the family.. pple say, we still can have own time for our own hobby or activities.. bt i thk tis may not be true.. i felt that if i reali hav alot of time, i rather tok to my child or look after them.. ya.. this 9pm show reali enlighten alot pple a question is.. do you reali want to get married? or hav children? i mean, we all still can do all these it just that need to be prepare to give up some.. we cant hold everythg in our hand.. that y we need a partner.. couple must always reali hav the biggest ear listening for each other.. right or wrong also mus speak it out... (although at time get into quarrel) no matter what, i thk family still come first...
    Father of Princess Alicia

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