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irritated by mother in law

This is a discussion on irritated by mother in law within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; it depends on whether your mother in law will tell tales to your hubby, and your hubby's reactions. I can't tell my ...

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    Re: irritated by mother in law

    it depends on whether your mother in law will tell tales to your hubby, and your hubby's reactions.

    I can't tell my mother in law off in the face or i will face hell with my husband.

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    Re: irritated by mother in law

    I think i will access the situation... Like when my mother in law suggested something that I shouldn't do, I will just smile at her and say, "Ittzi, I will think about it". I remember last time when i am staying with my parents, my mum came into my room to shift the way I put my furniture, I am so mad that I shifted the furniture back to orginal even though is in the middle of the night... So my limit is dont't tell me to do things that are not factual and dont't touch my things or shift my things. I believe my mother in law know my pattern...

    I will make it very direct that this is my house, things should be place at the way i want... I think so far my mother in law didn't interfere how I put my things.

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    Re: irritated by mother in law


    Today my part time maid came to our clean our house, my mother in law still dont't know that we hire a maid to maintain the cleaness that she wants. She still think that I got time to do the housechores with my baby around. My hubby dont't dare to tell her.

    Anyway, after telling the story to my part time maid, she told me to tell this to my mother in law next time, " mother, since you are coming to my house to see my girl, you should not be walking around checking and arranging my things.
    you see after you arrange my storeroom, I cant find my things. And you got to find it for me, or else I dont't know where you put that item. So if you really want to pack things, why dont't you help me to clean my girl's toy, walker and high chair etc. It will really help me a lot

    I think that is a brilliant answer. My part time maid said if we want to talk back to mother in law we must do it in a tactful way and not hurt their pride. Cause they are our elder, and we must show them respect so that my hubby won't stuck in between.

    I dont't wish to complain to my hubby about his mum, but his mum really no automatic at all . Everything also must ask why we buy this, why we buy that, even the way we put our things she also want to complain, and everything i do is wrong. Till now 4 years, she has not even praise me once at all. So how can I tolerate her stupid nonsense anymore, I really see no point in doing that. She is giving me and my hubby stress only, and not happiness when she comes to visit us each time. How I wish I can tell her dont't come to visit us, but I can't

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