Okay i really can't stand my mother in law anymore. Yes she is very nice to me, but i just find her very irritating. You might think i'm unreasonable but hear me out.

I understand this is their first grand child, obviously they will dote on my baby very much. But what they have forgotten is this is my first born, naturally i'll be super clingy. What i hate most is, even though she has a lot of children but she knows nothing about taking care of babies!! Most of us will feed our baby woodwards to clear gas or drink with plain water cause there is just so many benefits in drinking yet she say she heard from olden days auntie say not good bla bla then dont wanna give her drink.

The worst part is my father in law wanna hire maid to help out in the family. Yet my mother in law asked me to take care of the maid, she take care of my baby? I told her i dont want but she keep forcing me to do so. She always pushes baby out in the living room if not in her room, and complain baby doesnt like staying in our room. Now come up with new excuses saying, cannot always let baby stay at home, must bring baby out often then say she will bring baby out where ever she goes. Wth? Sorry no offence but fucking hell cannot stand her. Then me as a mom being here for what? It's not like me and my hub doesnt bring her out, in fact we bring her go anywhere including overseas trip. And she complained we bring her out too much. Fuck her. My hub say her but she just brush it off zzz.

I just hate staying with them so much, but we are incapable of getting a flat right now. Ugh.