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My cousin say i make use of her name :'(

This is a discussion on My cousin say i make use of her name :'( within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Wah Lao.. Was out at NTUC jst now... then mum suddenly ask me "do you c your cousin alot in ...

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    Worthy Lady sherylicious's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    pasir ris, sg
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    My cousin say i make use of her name :'(

    Wah Lao.. Was out at NTUC jst now... then mum suddenly ask me "do you c your cousin alot in camp?"

    I told her "5months , i onli saw her like once?"

    then she told me apparently she has told her dad to call my mum to ask me stop making use of her name in camp. She said she had complained 4times and its still on....

    WTF can? Since when i used her name? Ppl always ask me whether I have any relative in the navy cos its not usual for a gal to b in.. Ppl ask then i say .. I onli say " gt ... She also female. Veri neng2 gan4. Onli 26yrs old going to b staff sgt .. She is my role model in the navy"

    Bsides when I c her in camp, I call her SGT not by her name can?

    Like that also cannot ?

    She can tell master kenneth she know me, but i cannot tell ppl i know her? you GASH!! For those who dont understand navy terms, Gash=Rubbish. Like that i also can complain that she make use of my name.

    My mum gt angry and told her dad off "My daughter use your daughter's name? So far, did my gal gt a pay raise? Did she gt promoted bcos of your daughter?" that shut him up totally...

    Reali what... I gt my CPL rank bcos I COMPLETED MY COURSE!!!! I didnt get it bcos of her...

    Frm now on, I swear.. Whenever I c her, no matter is outside or in camp.. I will call her SGT!!!

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    Imperial Concubine shopaholic's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
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    Re: My cousin say i make use of her name :'(

    Could there be some misunderstanding? Maybe the person who spoke to her told her something which caused her to misunderstand you?

    Nonetheless, if I'm you, I will stay clear from her. To have her dad call your mum to complain about this sounds quite childish to me. Why cant she speak to you directly about her concerns? If she's really behaving like the high and mighty type, then I have better people to mix around with.

    Cheers up, okie? have a good wkend.

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