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In need of advise :(

This is a discussion on In need of advise :( within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; My husband and I are 22 this year & we have a boy of 9 months. Been staying at Husband's ...

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    In need of advise :(

    My husband and I are 22 this year & we have a boy of 9 months.
    Been staying at Husband's house because my family feels that once daughter is married, she should live with the guy. Old fashioned thinking. So, been staying with hus' mom and she's a single parent due to my hus' dad passed away because of cancer many years ago when my hubby was around 8 years old. So my mother-in-law has been holding this family on her own and now, she found a new love who is living in USA and she will be marrying over soon but not sure when as her VISA are not approved yet.

    1) She is selling away her current flat due to too many loans esp bank & HDB. Her reason for selling is because at least if she sell it now, she still can clear her debts at least better than waiting for HDB to come & seal the house if the payment keeps dragging. Than hubby, baby and me how? We thought of renting a flat like those 1/2 room flat from HDB but both of us are working and the income limit is over. We wish to apply for flat just that the wait is 2.5-3years isn't it? Than meanwhile what are we going to do? Where are we going to stay? My own mother is not helping as well.. dont't know why.. Feel so hopeless now.

    It seems like we are going to be homeless soon. Its fine with hubby and me but our baby can't survive with proper place to eat and sleep right? Sigh.

    Resale flat is too too too expensive and definitely is a big NO NO to us...
    WA... HOW?? Really very very lost.

    Anyone can show me some light? Do I really have to sacrifice my job by quitting so that we can apply the rental flat? Hubby seems to be not worried at all.. Or I'm just too paranoid. Either way . Now, I just need a solution reg this issue =( URGENTLY ='(

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    Re: In need of advise :(

    Why not rent a 3-room flat from the open market while waiting that 2-3 years for you own flat?

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    Re: In need of advise :(

    no chance of being homeless. you can rent rooms, or as said above 3 rm flat.

    And when applying for your flat you can ask hdb for assistance on rental flats. I'm sure they have a solution while you wait for your own flat.

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