Are YOU neglecting your child? Are YOU too busy with work? Do YOU even understand your child? Child neglect is essentially parental failure to meet the needs of the child. It negatively impacts the childís physical and emotional health, yet statistics gathered in different countries show that this problem remains a common experience. The root causes of child neglect appear to remain unaddressed. It affects the victimís mental and physical development, both of which are long term consequences. Victims of child neglect tend to develop aggressive and violent behavior, depressive and suicidal thoughts and have low self-esteem. These ill effects are suffered by the victim throughout their entire life, creating sever consequences. Well, we have a solution for YOU. We've created an E-magazine to show the consequences and importance of child neglect and family bonding, in hopes to raise more awareness. In addition to that, it also contains activities to enjoy as a whole family! What are you waiting for? To access the E-magazine, please LIKE our Facebook page : . We also release our E-magazine every month, so be sure to subscribe!Stop neglecting the problem, and start solving it! Thank you.