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Not my prob, just to say out

This is a discussion on Not my prob, just to say out within the Home Life, Relationships & Finance forum, part of the You and Your Family category; Why i want to say out bcos i gt "liang xi, feeling and heart" not like my sister In law... Though my ...

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    Not my prob, just to say out

    Why i want to say out bcos i gt "liang xi, feeling and heart" not like my sister In law... Though my mother in law treated me not as well as my sister In law but i stil treat her as a mother and also very pity her...

    It began like that... At 1st i thought my sister In law marry out wil not be always at my mother in law hs (as our r.ship not good )but who knows,Worse!!!she like gt hs, she never go hm, leave her hubby alone at hm and only go back hm on sat noon(when her kid log off fr childcare centre near my mother in law hs and back to my mother in law hs again on sun morning)So what the point of gg back???? Not even a day. Ok this mattern NVM to me... But worse is she everyday stay at my mother in law hs, after her work back hm... she having her dinner and just wash her own dishes and all left over for my mother in law to wash... and al the clothing even when she not working(on leave few day) she also throw even her pantie for my mother in law to hang and keep....

    Every month heard fr my father in law she give my mother in law $800... and she earn $5k+ i feel it too little...cos she treated her mum exactly like maid not mum...

    1) She herself can bring her dear daughter to childcare as nearby but she stil throw to my mother in law
    2) My mother in law have to go fetch her, bath her, feed her (she nearly 4yrs).....
    3) Have to wash their clothing, keep for them......
    4) Cook for them, wash dishes for them......
    5) sister In law's dear daughter needs, all my mother in law go buy.....

    Above is like my sister In law dear daughter is my mother in law dear daughter... she already tk for granted everything throw to my mother in law, and poor thing is she gt leg prob. and she dont care.. she think that she give $ she have to do... and she never help her mum at all.... Im just waiting to see her BAO YI one fine day when her dear daughter grows up.....

    For me i feel, We wanted to have kid, give birth... we have to be responsible. no matter is working mum or stay at home mum mum... stay at home mum is 24hr... working mum have to work but when back fr work, ofcos it time let mother have rest as their old ... weekend look after themselves and not throw to anyone.... If these simple thing also cant do... than (no offence) my feel, dont give birth or have kid... cos you wil "hiang ren" cos looking after a kid is not easy.. somemore ask old ppl 24hr....

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    Re: Not my prob, just to say out

    sometimes its hard to judge a family situation, coz you dont know what made the mother give in so much to her daughter.

    from reading your post it also sounds absurb to me. But there is nothing you can interfere in this aspect coz its their family problems.

    you can only help your mother in law by buying tonics, giving her extra bonuses during festive seasons and during birthdays....old pple like to receive ang baos....and if you can afford the time bring her out on sundays together with the sister In law's dear daughter....so that she can at least get to go out rather then coop herself at home all the time.
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