adele > i find it quite hard to communicate w my dear husband sometimes. esp when he's stressed or tired or just plain moody. n the thing is he didnt tell me, how would i know? we had arguments a few times before. now ok already. it's just about give n take. if can, just close 1 eye . no choice mah.

i do agree that they can b a mental blk at times, no matter how much you say, they just dont get it. guys r usu like that. very bo chap. they dont like details. so if you want them to help, dont expect the std to b as good.

my dear husband not a couch potato but he loves gadgets. so if he get hold of any new gadget, he tend to get hooked to it, tend to neglect me n my boy. have to alw remind him that 1st priority at home shld b my boy, instead of his gadgets.

lucky for me, my dear husband learnt to bathe n take care of my boy 1st, during my confinement period. n after that, he cont doing it while i rest (since i didnt get to have proper rest during my confinement period). i think he enjoys it. so not too bad for me.

however, my dear husband will take me for granted at times. then will say hurtful things to me, esp when he's tired, stressed or moody. i'll usu blog my unhappiness. if after blog, still unhappy, i'll copy that entry (usu very long entry), email to him. hahaha...

sometimes my dear husband will push the responsibilities to me. dont want to help. will find all the ridiculous reasons to not help. so if i can do, i'll just do. if i really need his help, i'll pull long face while doing. he'll notice then offer to help.

what i usu do is to share w him about parenting when he's in a good mood (e.g. during weekends) when he's more relaxed or when we bring our boy out. let him understand my thots then. also let him share his views. it helps a lot for me.

n never argue or quarrel w him on the spot 'cause it'll only make things worse. not good to do that in front of kids also. so if i'm not happy w dear husband, i'll just keep quiet, blog about it, go to sleep. if blog already still cant sleep, i'll email that entry to him. i dont expect him to reply. just want him to know how i feel. that works for me too.

after gg thru a lot of friction, now i can say that my dear husband is a lot better than many of the husbands i heard or know. more sensitive n understanding towards me. not so self centred.